UK Retirement Home Supply 2018

UK Care Home Investments

As in all developed countries, the population of the elder generation is increasing day to day in the United Kingdom. This is indebted to the improved lifestyle, a betterment of the environment, and advances in medical care- Thanks to them all to let us enjoy the life for a few more years. Facts and figures reflect that currently about one million people over the age of 65 years are living in the UK and a considerable number of this elder generation suffer from various debilitating illnesses. Care home falls into two categories namely Personal care and nursing care, there are good care homes existing in the UK currently with fewer beds. There are lots of care homes in the UK.

This promising trend in having more and more retired, elder population each year raises the significant demand for more housing and settlement of much-qualified facilities. This yesterday’s backbone of the country and nation; and today’s vulnerable generation needs much more attention and mercy hence it is crucial to provide quality houses and care for them. The currently available possibilities in the UK for sure neither suffice in number nor fulfill the demand in quality for this generation in the 21st century. You can easily feel the considerable lack of professional supply in the available care homes and retirement houses.

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While talking about professional houses, quality of homes and supply, the aim is to declare that a home considered to be a care house, really does not mean just shifting to the routine houses only by changing the names, but rather it vital need for specialist residential care homes which are made for elder population solely. Designing and building these houses require the specialized designer, architectures and engineers to make the home as much suitable and risk-free possible. For sure, the height of the stairs for an 85-year-old lady with a history of stroke would differ from that of the 27-year-old mountain climber so far.

About the problems with current care homes, a report shows that around eight million people over 60 who are living in seven million homes are eager to downsizing. Oh! Such striking number, what this want to say is that there is a significant need in investing new-build care homes in the UK, as for sure these downsizers want quality, specialist and more supplied housing to move into it so far. The last generation would have been happy with the previously available choices, now the trend changed, and this generation expects far more choice, greater facilities, and higher quality! Maybe the next generation wants much more; so be ready for great changes.

There are a good number of care homes in the UK; Channel Islands has 59 care home, East Midlands has 1775, Eastern England 2101, Isle of Man with 40, London has 2062, North East 950, North West 2274, Northern Ireland has 578, Scotland has 1607, South East got 3682, Wales has 1150, South West got 2523, West Midlands has 1982 and Yorkshire and Humbler has 1751.
Total of 22534 care homes in the UK.